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Image of S.W.A.T. - Poetry / Poetry (Mix)

S.W.A.T. - Poetry / Poetry (Mix)

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Previously released as a test press only Mystery 7", thanks to some help from our friends at Heavy Jewelz Records we're proud to be able to finally announce the official release of DWG7015.

There can't be too many truly unknown golden era rap records left in 2019, but this is about as close as it gets. Without a Discogs entry and as far as we can tell only one copy ever sold online ($800!), 'Poetry' is a rarity in the truest sense. That is despite it being featured on a recent DJ Shadow mix, which you would have thought would turn up some copies, but instead left many collectors scratching their heads as to the identity of this previously unheard track.

Not only is it incredibly rare, it's incredibly dope, a Josh Davis co-sign always helps but throw a dope guitar riff, 'Funky Drummer', 'Numbers' and 'Nautilus' (for the remix) into the mix and you can't really go wrong. We still can't figure out which mix we like best so you can decide that for yourselves.

S.W.A.T. were from Wichita, Kansas, of all places and have a whole album worth of unreleased material from back in the days so there's a possibility we'll see more from them in the future, but until then enjoy the masterpiece that is 'Poetry' and check out the snippets below:

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